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    Goodfellow AFB, TX - Housing

    The average apartment rent in the San Angelo area ranges from $550 for a one-bedroom to $1100 for a four-bedroom per month. The average price for a house in San Angelo is about $175,000, compared to the local home value of about $116,000.

    Goodfellow AFB is in San Angelo, Texas, a city of about 95,000 people. San Angelo is in south central Texas, not far from Dyess AFB. It is about 10 minutes from downtown San Angelo to Goodfellow. San Angelo is in central Texas, surrounded by ranchland - the area outside the city is prairie and livestock country. has more information on the area around San Angelo, TX, on base and off base resources, local housing rental rates, climate, attractions, and more. 

    Goodfellow AFB on post housing is privatized and managed by Hunt Military Communities. The majority of housing units are multi-family with community fitness center, playgrounds, and dog park. Interested applicants should apply as soon as possible since government housing can include waitlists and may depend on your rank and family size requirements. Call the Goodfellow housing office to learn more about types of homes and availability at 325-654-3165.